August 23rd, 2014


she likes carrying around random rags for no reason

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August 22nd, 2014
August 21st, 2014

petition to make this the new loading gif


petition to make this the new loading gif

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No one ever said babies weren’t cute. 

Seal, Fawn, Owl, Pigglet, Fox-pup, Sloth, Polar bear cub, Bunny and dolphin. (young babies)

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August 20th, 2014
Emma [Watson] used to come to our office. They used to have a proper school there for the child actors. They always had art projects and Emma would come in and be like, ‘Can I borrow some ribbons and some paper?’ She never would bring anything back (laughs), but she was really small and sweet. She would sometimes ask for advice on how to cut or draw something.
Eduardo Lima (part of Harry Potter graphics team)

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Living with a dog is like having a furry drunk person following you around all the time.

I can actually sense a dog in my future.

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August 19th, 2014

WHAT IF AUCaptain America: The Winter Soldier, role swap (Sharon, Steve, Bucky, Natasha)

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August 18th, 2014


cinematic gold in 1993 and still cinematic gold in 2014

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